Windshield wiper motor: The cost of replacement and the ultimate replacing guide

This article provides the reader with a general overview of what happens when your car’s windshield wiper motor breaks and how often those parts are replaced. It also outlines the pros and cons of purchasing a replacement car part, as well as why it is often more cost-effective to purchase a car part after your existing one has reached the end of its service life.

Windshield wiper motor problems

Windshield wipers are an important part of keeping your vehicle clean, but they can also be a source of frustration if the motor fails. If you experience intermittent or no windshield wipers, it’s time to replace the motor.

When the wiper motor fails, the driver has to manually wipe the windshield. If the failure is due to a worn or defective part, it can be relatively expensive to replace the entire motor. This article provides an overview of windshield wiper motor replacement costs, as well as tips on how to save money when purchasing a new one.

What’s the windshield wiper motor location?

Windshield wiper motor

Your car’s windshield wiper motor is likely located in the trunk or under the hood. In most cases, it’s a small, simple device that you can replace yourself with just a few parts.

How to diagnose a windshield wiper motor?

If your windshield wipers aren’t working, you may be wondering what the problem may be. First, make sure you have your vehicle’s service manual handy. This document will list all of the electrical components in your car, and their functions. It’ll also list how to test each one. If you don’t have your car’s manual, or if you can’t find the relevant information, you can use a troubleshooting guide like this one from Clymer.

This guide includes diagrams and explanations of common problems with automotive electrical systems. Once you’ve determined that the wiper motor is the problem, there are a few things you can do to try to fix it yourself. If none of these methods work, or if the wiper motor is genuinely broken, you’ll need to get it replaced.

Is there a universal windshield wiper motor?

Universal windshield wipers are becoming increasingly rare, but they do still exist. If your car has a universal wiper motor, it’s typically cheaper to replace the entire unit rather than just the motor. However, if your car only has a single wiper arm that operates both the left and right side of the windshield, then it’s usually cheaper to buy a new wiper arm rather than replace the motor.

How to fix windshield wiper motor?

Here are some tips for fixing a windshield wiper motor: 

  1. If your wiper motor is not completely frozen, it may be able to be freed with a hair dryer. Be careful not to overheat the motor or damage it! 
  2. If the motor is completely frozen, it may need to be replaced. There may be small screws holding on this cover that you can remove with a Phillips head screwdriver.
  3. This shaft contains the gearbox that drives the blades and should come out relatively easily if you pry it off from one side (it may have some resistance because of the grease).

How to reset a windshield wiper motor?

When your windshield wipers stop working, it’s time to take action. The first step is to determine if the problem is with the motor itself or the gearbox. If it’s the motor, you’ll need to reset it. Here’s how: Locate the wiper arm on the windshield. It should be attached to a bracket on the front of the vehicle. Turn off the power to the wiper motor by unplugging the cord from the electrical outlet or turning off the switch at the base of the wiper motor.

Disconnect both ends of the motor wire by pulling them straight out of their connectors. Be sure to keep track of which wire goes where! Remove both screws that attach the arm to its bracket and detach it from the vehicle. Clear away any debris that may have accumulated under or around the arm over time, and clean any grease or oil from its surfaces using a cloth or a solvent such as acetone or alcohol. Try not to use metal tools, as this could damage the arm.

How do you know if your wiper motor is bad?

The cost of replacement for a windshield wiper motor can range from around $60 to over $200. The most common reason for a windshield wiper motor to go bad is because of neglect or improper use. When a wiper motor goes bad, the blades no longer move properly and left unchecked, this can cause water and debris to build up on the windshield, preventing driver visibility. Here are some tips to help you determine if your windshield wiper motor is in need of replacement:

If your wipers are not working properly, inspect the electrical connector that powers the motors. If it looks damaged or corroded, it may be time for a new connector. Check the washer fluid level; if it’s low, add more fluid and try turning on the wipers.

If they still don’t work, your motor may be defective and needs to be replaced. To test if the blade arms are moving freely, place a straight edge across one arm and then gently push down on the other arm. If they move easily together, your wiper blades are probably fine. If one arm moves more easily than the other, it may be time for a new blade assembly.

Windshield wiper motor replacement

If your windshield wipers are not working, it’s time to replace the motor. While there are a few options for replacing the motor, we’ll be discussing the most common here. Depending on your vehicle and year, the cost of a windshield wiper motor replacement may vary significantly.

The cost of a windshield wiper motor replacement can range from around $60 to over $200 depending on your make and model. In our ultimate replacing guide, we’ll take a look at what factors can influence the cost of a replacement, as well as provide you with a guide on how to replace your own windshield wiper motor.

Is it easy to replace windshield wiper motor?

No, it’s not easy to replace a windshield wiper motor. The motor is located inside the car, behind the dash. You’ll need to remove the dash and the windshield wiper arms to access the motor.

How to replace a windshield wiper motor?

Replacing a windshield wiper motor is a relatively easy DIY task that can be completed in just a few minutes. Before beginning, be sure to have the following supplies on hand: a screwdriver, wrench, socket set, and pliers. To start, remove the screws that hold the wiper motor in place.

Next, disconnect the electrical connector and the hose connector. Finally, remove the wiper motor from the windshield. Once the wiper motor is removed, you will need to clean it thoroughly. Use a towel to wipe down both the housing and the blades. Be sure to remove all of the dirt, dust, and debris.

How to find windshield wiper motor replacement near us?

If your windshield wipers are not working properly, it’s time to replace the motor. But which motor should you buy? And how much does it cost? The answer to both questions is a little complicated. 

Types of windshield wiper motors: There are three main types of windshield wiper motors: direct drive, belt drive, and crank drive. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Direct drive motors are the simplest type, and they work with a simple gearbox. They’re usually cheaper than other types of motors, but they can be less reliable.

Direct drive motors often use metal gears that can wear over time, leading to problems with the wipers. They’re also susceptible to water damage if the gearbox gets wet. Belt drive motors use a series of rubber belts to power the wipers. Belt drive motors are more expensive than direct drive motors, but they’re more reliable because there.

What are the windshield wiper motor replacement parts?

Replacement parts for a windshield wiper motor can cost anywhere from $10 to over $200. However, there are some factors to take into account when choosing a part, including the make and model of your car. A windshield wiper motor is a small electric motor that helps move the wipers back and forth on your windshield.

These motors can usually be replaced without any major problems, but there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind before starting the replacement process. For example, your car’s make and model will affect which replacement part is best for you. Additionally, some parts may require professional installation, so be sure to consult a mechanic if you’re unsure about how to go about replacing the wiper motor on your own.

Where to buy windshield wiper motor replacement at a lower price?

If you’re looking for a windshield wiper motor replacement that’s cheaper than buying new, there are a few places to check. Here are three options for finding a used windshield wiper motor: online classifieds websites, car dealers, and salvage yards.

Online classified ads can be a great way to find a used windshield wiper motor for a lower price. Simply search for “windshield wiper motor” on a website like Craigslist and you’ll be able to find many listings. Make sure to read the details of each listing to determine if the motor is in working condition and whether it needs any repairs or upgrades before making a purchase.

Car dealers might also have used windshield wiper motors available for sale. Again, it’s important to do your research before coming down to the dealership. Check the dealer’s website for inventory listings and look for vehicles that have been updated with newer parts, such as a windshield wiper motor. It might be worth calling the dealership in advance and asking about their inventory of used parts so you know what to expect when you come down. Finally, salvage yards may also be a good option for finding a used windshield wiper motor. 

Wiper motor replacement cost

When it comes to windshield wipers, you might think that the cost of a replacement is simply a matter of shelling out a few bucks and being on your way. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, as replacement costs can vary substantially depending on the make and model of your car.

How much is a windshield wiper motor replacement?

windshield wiper motor replacement at 

How much does it cost to replace windshield wiper motor?

If you bring your vehicle to an auto repair center, they may charge you between $50 and $100 for their labor.


Although the cost of a windshield wiper motor replacement can be expensive, it is important to have the procedure done correctly so that your car will not suffer any long-term damage. Hopefully, this guide has helped you learn everything you need to know about motorcycle windshield wipers and when it is time for a replacement.