Empowering Efficient Power Management: The LMR33630ADDAR

In today’s fast-paced technological landscape, efficient power management is paramount for optimizing performance and enhancing energy savings. As the demand for advanced power management solutions continues to rise, Texas Instruments introduces the LMR33630ADDAR. This exceptional power management integrated circuit (PMIC) model combines cutting-edge features, superior performance, and versatility, making it a game-changer in a wide range of applications. Join us as we explore the capabilities, benefits, and applications of the LMR33630ADDAR PMIC.

Overview of the LMR33630ADDAR PMIC


The LMR33630ADDAR is a synchronous buck converter PMIC designed to efficiently step down high input voltage to lower output voltages. It operates within an input voltage range of 4.5V to 36V, making it suitable for a diverse array of applications. With a maximum output current capability of up to 3A, this PMIC delivers robust power management performance, ensuring stable power delivery to the connected system.

LMR33630ADDAR PMIC Key Features and Benefits

Wide Input Voltage Range

The LMR33630ADDAR supports a broad input voltage range, enabling it to handle various power supply sources, including batteries, adapters, and power rails. This flexibility makes it an excellent choice for applications that require dynamic input voltage levels.

High Efficiency

With an integrated synchronous rectifier, the LMR33630ADDAR achieves high-efficiency levels, minimizing power losses and extending battery life. This efficiency is particularly crucial in portable devices, IoT applications, and battery-powered systems, where power conservation is essential.

Adjustable Output Voltage

The PMIC offers an adjustable output voltage feature, allowing designers to tailor the output voltage according to their specific requirements. This versatility makes the LMR33630ADDAR suitable for a wide range of applications, from precision instrumentation to low-power sensor networks.

Fault Protection and Safety Features

The LMR33630ADDAR incorporates comprehensive fault protection mechanisms, including overcurrent protection, thermal shutdown, and input/output under-voltage lockout. These features help safeguard the PMIC and the connected system, ensuring reliable operation and preventing potential damage.

LMR33630ADDAR PMIC Applications

  1. Industrial Automation: In industrial automation systems, the LMR33630ADDAR plays a vital role in delivering efficient power management for various components, such as motor drives, sensors, and control circuits. Its wide input voltage range and high efficiency make it well-suited for demanding industrial environments.
  2. IoT Devices: The Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem relies on power-efficient solutions, and the LMR33630ADDAR fulfills this requirement. It provides reliable power management for IoT devices, including smart home systems, wearables, and wireless sensor networks, enabling extended battery life and enhancing overall functionality.
  3. Automotive Electronics: The automotive industry demands robust and efficient power management solutions. The LMR33630ADDAR excels in automotive applications, powering advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), infotainment systems, and lighting controls, among others. Its wide input voltage range and fault protection features help ensure reliable operation even in harsh automotive environments.
  4. Renewable Energy Systems: With the global focus on renewable energy sources, power management solutions play a crucial role in harnessing clean energy efficiently. The LMR33630ADDAR can be utilized in solar energy systems, wind turbine controllers, and battery management systems, effectively managing power conversion and optimizing energy utilization. By improving the efficiency of renewable energy systems, the LMR33630ADDAR contributes to a more sustainable future.


The LMR33630ADDAR PMIC from Texas Instruments represents a significant advancement in power management technology. By offering a wide input voltage range, high efficiency, adjustable output voltage, and robust protection features, this PMIC empowers designers to achieve efficient power management in a multitude of applications.

Whether in industrial automation, IoT devices, automotive electronics, or renewable energy systems, the LMR33630ADDAR revolutionizes power management by maximizing efficiency, extending battery life, and ensuring the reliable operation of critical components. With its exceptional features and benefits, the LMR33630ADDAR PMIC stands as a testament to Texas Instruments’ commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive innovation and shape the future of power management.