Are Costco Wiper Blades Worth The Money? (Explained for Newbies)

It’s no secret that Costco Wiper Blades are cheaper than other wiper blade brands. When you buy a set of two at $30, you spend $7.50 per blade, which is about half the cost of other brands. The catch? You have to wait for them to arrive in the mail when you order them online and avoid shipping fees.

Does Costco sell wiper blades?

Costco is a great place to find deals on groceries, household items, and more. Costco sells a variety of wiper blades, including carbon-steel blades and premium blades with synthetic rubber.

Carbon-steel blades: These blades are usually less expensive than premium blades, but they don’t last as long. Carbon-steel blades are good for light to medium rain, but they can’t handle heavy rain or snow.

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Premium blades: Premium blades are made of stainless steel and synthetic rubber. They’re usually more expensive than carbon-steel blades, but they last longer and can handle heavier rain or snow.

Which type of wiper blade is best for you depends on your needs. If you only need to use the wiper blade occasionally during light rain or snow, a carbon-steel blade will work just fine. But if you need to use the wiper blade regularly in heavier rain or snow, a premium blade will be better because it’ll last longer and resist wear better.

Does Costco install wiper blades for free?

Costco is a great place to buy items like wiper blades. They usually have a good selection and the prices are usually good. However, like any other purchase, there are some things to consider before making the purchase.

First, it’s important to understand that Costco installs the blades free of charge. This means you don’t have to worry about taking the time to do it yourself. However, since Costco doesn’t have the best quality control in regards to their blades, you may want to consider getting blades from another source.

Another thing to consider is how often you’ll need them replaced. If you only use your wipers occasionally, then a cheaper blade might be fine. However, if you use them a lot, then it might be worth spending a bit more on a better-quality blade. You can also factor in the price of replacement blades when making your decision.

Does Costco replace wiper blades?

Costco does replace wiper blades for members, but it’s not a universal policy. Plus, the cost of replacement blades can vary greatly from store to store. So before you buy new blades, research which Costco has in stock and whether or not they’re worth the price.

Typically Costco replaces wiper blades for $8-$10 per set. However, this price can vary drastically depending on the location and what’s in stock. In some cases, wiper blade sets can be as low as $3, while others can be as high as $24.

We recommend checking the prices in your local Costco before buying new blades to avoid any major surprises. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when replacing your Costco wiper blades:n-Wipers should be replaced every 6 months or 12,000 miles, whichever comes first.-Be sure to hold the blade at a right angle when removing it from the housing – otherwise you may damage the blade or housing.

If your wipers aren’t cutting through the water like they used to, it may be time for a new set of blades. Check the alignment of your blade and rubber.

Costco wiper blades review

Costco is a great place to buy car supplies, such as wiper blades. Wiper blades are often a high-priced item, but Costco offers some good deals on wiper blades. This article will explain the differences between Costco and other wiper blade sellers, and which ones are worth the money.

Costco Wiper Blades: At Costco, you can usually find wipers for around $10 per pair. This price is lower than most other stores, and the quality of the blades is generally better. The blades at Costco are made of high-quality rubber and have been precision-made.

They also have a longer life than blades that you would buy at a department store. The one downside to buying wipers at Costco is that they are not always in stock. If you need wipers quickly, it may be best to go to a store like Walmart or Target instead.

However, if you can wait a few days, Costco’s wipers will generally be available. Overall, Costco’s wipers are a good value for the money. They last longer than typical wiper blades and offer better quality overall.

What’s the best wiper blades to buy in

If you’re like most people, you probably think of Costco as a place to buy cheap food and household items. But if you’re also like most people, you probably don’t know anything about wiper blades. In this article, we’re going to explain the difference between the two types of blades and which ones are best for your car.

If you’re just starting out, we recommend getting a set of generic wiper blades. They’ll work just fine, and you won’t have to worry about replacing them for a while. After that, though, it’s worth considering buying a set of Costco wiper blades. There are a few reasons for this.

First, Costco often has sales on their blades, so you can get a good deal. Second, Costco blades often have higher quality rubber than other brands. This means they will last longer and better clean your windshield. Finally, Costco blades are made to fit specific cars, so they’re more accurate and fit better on your car.

If you do decide to buy a set of Costco wiper blades, be sure to try them out first before installing them on your car.

Costco Michelin guardian hybrid wiper blades

Costco is a great place to purchase car accessories like wiper blades. Michelin guardian hybrid blades are some of the best on the market. They are both affordable and effective. However, there are some things you need to know before purchasing them.

Here is a guide that will explain everything to you in detail. The first thing you need to understand is that Costco wiper blades are made of rubber. This is an important distinction because it means they will last longer than blades made of other materials.

Rubber is also very strong and can handle a lot of wear and tear. This is why they tend to be more expensive, but they definitely worth it in the long run. How Do Costco Wiper Blades Work? When you apply your wiper blade to your windshield, it attaches to the edge of the blade with a series of small bumps.

These bumps help spread the force out over a larger area, which makes the blade more effective at removing water from your windshield. The rubber also makes the blade flexible so it can conform to the curves on your windshield.

Costco wiper blades size chart

Costco blades come in a range of sizes, so if you have a car with a smaller windshield, you may need to purchase a smaller blade. If you have a car with a larger windshield, you may need to purchase a larger blade. Additionally, the blades need to fit the contour of your windshield. If the blade is too big or too small, it will not work as intended and could cause scratching or worse.

It is also important to note that wiper blades can wear down over time. If this happens, your windshield will become cloudy and difficult to see through. As such, it is important to replace your blade regularly in order to maintain optimal visibility.

Costco wiper blades coupon

Costco is a great place to buy household supplies and groceries, but did you know they also sell windshield wipers? If you’re wondering if Costco wiper blades are worth the money, read on for an explanation for newbies.

First, it’s important to understand that Costco wiper blades are not exactly the same as generic brands. They are made with a higher quality of rubber and metal, which results in a longer lifespan and better performance. However, they are not always cheaper than generic brands. If you’re on a budget, try to find a coupon for generic blades before buying at Costco.

Also, be sure to compare prices before making a purchase – sometimes Costco offers deeper discounts on bulk packs of wiper blades.

Costco rear wiper blades

Costco rear wiper blades are a great value. They have a longer life than most other brands and often cost less per blade. But is their cost worth the benefit? The short answer is yes, but there are a few things you should keep in mind before buying Costco rear wiper blades.

First, make sure your car has the correct wiper size. Most standard cars use the smaller “O” ring blade size, while some SUVs and trucks use the larger “P” ring blade size. If you’re not sure which size your wiper uses, check with your car manufacturer.

Second, be aware that Costco blades tend to last longer than most other brands because they’re designed to be more durable. However, they don’t always last as long as blades that are specifically made for wet weather conditions. So if you live in an area where it rains a lot, it may be worth investing in a better quality brand of wiper blades.

How Much Do Costco Wiper Blades Cost?

Costco sells wiper blades in packs of two for $6.99. That means each blade costs $1.49, or just over a dollar apiece. However, this price may vary depending on the location you visit and the time of year you are purchasing the blades. In general, though, Costco prices their wipers between 49 cents and $1.59 a piece. That’s cheaper than most other stores, but not as cheap as some online retailers who sell them for as little as 29 cents apiece.

Can I Return Wiper Blades to Costco?

When you go to purchase a new set of wipers, one of the first things you likely do is head to Costco. This warehouse chain is well-known for its low prices on a variety of items and its generous return policy. If you have only had your wipers for a short time, or if they have been damaged in some way, you can often return them to Costco for a full refund. If you have had your wipers for more than 30 days, the store usually only gives you a partial refund.

Costco also offers a warranty on all of its wiper blades. This means that if your blades ever break during the first year after purchase, Costco will replace them free of charge. So if you are looking for an affordable way to replace your wipers, or if you just need to return them for a full refund, Costco is the place to go.

Can I Replace Costco Wiper Blades Myself?

Costco wiper blades are a popular item to buy, and many people are unsure if they are worth the money. In this blog post, we will explain why you may want to replace your Costco wiper blades yourself, and whether or not it is actually worth it.

Budget-Friendly Option: Replacing Your Own Costco Wiper BladesIf you are looking for a budget-friendly option, replacing your own Costco wiper blades is a great option. When you replace your own blades, you can save anywhere from $0-$10 per set of blades.

Additionally, if you have a set of unused blades lying around from previous replacements, you can use those as well!nTime Savings ConsiderationsWhen you compare the time savings of replacing your own Costco wiper blades versus paying someone else to do it for you, the time savings almost always outweigh the cost of replacement by a large margin.

For example, if it takes you 30 minutes to replace your blades vs. 3 hours for a professional service, the cost savings would be significant. In some cases, it may be cheaper to just purchase new wiper blades altogether and not bother with replacing them yourself.


Costco is a great place to find all sorts of items, but blades can be a bit tricky. In this article, we will discuss whether or not Costco Wiper Blades are really worth the money and, if so, which ones are the best for your car. We will also provide some tips on how to choose the right blade for your car and avoid any mistakes that could end up costing you more in the long run.