Choosing and buying BMW wiper blades: What you should know?

When it comes to choosing and buying BMW wiper blades, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, you’ll want to make sure that you choose the right size wiper blades for your car. Second, you’ll want to consider the type of wiper blades that will best suit your needs. And finally, you’ll want to think about the price of the wiper blades.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at each of these factors so you can make the best decision when it comes to choosing and buying wiper blades for your BMWs.

Who makes BMW wiper blades?

If you’re looking to buy BMW wiper blades, you’ll likely need to go to a dealership. But which one? And what should you look for? Here’s what you need to know. BMW uses two different companies to make their wipers: Bosch and Schaeffler. Both manufacturers make excellent quality wiper blades, but there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing them.

First, make sure the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) of your car is using the same brand of blades as the ones that come on your new car. Second, make sure the blade size is correct for your car; most BMWs use a 31.8mm blade size.  Finally, be sure to confirm that the blades fit your vehicle; many dealerships do not allow customers to try the blades before purchase.n.

What size are BMW windshield wipers?

BMW windshield wipers

When it comes to BMW windshield wipers, the size of the blades will vary depending on the make and model of your BMW. However, most BMWs use a standard size blade that is about 18 inches wide. This means that if you have a 17-inch wide windshield, the blades will be about 1 inch wider than the width of your windshield. If you have a larger windshield, or a windshield that is unusually shaped, then you may need to get custom-made BMW windshield wipers.

Custom-made wipers will usually be wider than normal blades and can even be made to curve around corners and edges of your windshield. If you’re not sure what size blade you need or if you’re having trouble finding them in stock, then you can always call or visit your local BMW dealership to ask for help.

How to choose the best BMW wiper bladess?

When it comes to BMW wiper blades, there are a few things you should know in order to make an informed purchase. Here are 3 tips to help you choose the best BMW wiper blades for your car:


When it comes to choosing the right size wiper blades for your BMW, you’ll want to make sure that you measure the length of your car’s windshield. The reason you’ll want to do this is because you don’t want to buy wiper blades that are too small or too big for your windshield. If the wiper blades are too small, they won’t be able to effectively clean your windshield. And if they’re too big, they could end up scratching your windshield.


There are two main types of wiper blades that you can choose from – standard and premium. Standard wiper blades are typically made from rubber and are designed for general use. Premium wiper blades, on the other hand, are usually made from silicone or another type of synthetic material. They’re designed for more specific uses, such as heavy-duty or extreme weather conditions.


When it comes to the price of wiper blades, you’ll find that they can range quite a bit. Standard wiper blades will typically be the most affordable option, while premium wiper blades will be more expensive. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you get what you pay for. So, if you need wiper blades that are going to withstand heavy-duty use or extreme weather conditions, you’ll likely have to pay more for them.

The best for BMW x3 – Bosch Aerotwin Flat Windscreen Wiper Blades

Bosch Aerotwin Flat Windscreen Wiper Blades

When it comes to finding the best wiper blades for your BMW x3, you can’t go wrong with the Bosch Aerotwin Flat Windscreen Wiper Blades. These blades are designed specifically for BMW x3 models and offer a number of benefits that other blades simply can’t match.

For starters, the Bosch Aerotwin Flat Windscreen Wiper Blades are made from a high-quality rubber compound that is designed to resist wear and tear. This means that you won’t have to replace your blades as often, saving you money in the long run.

Another benefit of the Bosch Aerotwin Flat Windscreen Wiper Blades is that they offer a much smoother and quieter operation than other blades on the market. This is thanks to the unique design of the blades which allow them to glide across your windscreen with ease.

The best for BMW x5 – MICHELIN Stealt Hybrid Wiper Blades

MICHELIN Stealt Hybrid Wiper Blades

If you’re looking for the best wiper blades for your BMW x5, look no further than the MICHELIN Stealt Hybrid Wiper Blades. These top-of-the-line wiper blades are designed to provide optimal visibility in all weather conditions, and they’re also incredibly durable, so you can count on them to last mile after mile.

MICHELIN Stealt Hybrid Wiper Blades are available in two sizes to fit your x5’s specific windshield, and they’re easy to install, so you can get back on the road in no time. Plus, with their sleek, aerodynamic design, these wiper blades are practically invisible when not in use, so they won’t spoil the look of your x5’s beautiful exterior.

BMW wiper blades replacement

If your BMW requires a new wiper blade, it’s important to know which type to buy. There are three types of BMW wipers: the front intermittent, the rear intermittent, and the front fixed-blade. Each has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. The front intermittent wiper is the most popular type because it is the least expensive and it operates using a motor that can be turned on and off with a lever on the dashboard. The disadvantage is that it is not as effective at cleaning the windshield as the other two types of wipers.

The rear intermittent wiper uses a belt drive and operates using a motor that runs continuously. It is more effective than the front intermittent wiper but it is also more expensive. The front fixed-blade wiper uses a blade that attaches to the arm on the windshield. It is more expensive than either of the other two types of wipers and it does not operate using a motor.

The advantage of this type of wiper is that it provides greater coverage of the windshield than either of the other two types of wipers.

What’s the price of BMW wiper blades ?

There is no one definitive answer to the question of what the price of BMW wiper blades costs. Prices can vary depending on the make and model of BMW, the size and type of blade, and where you buy them. However, in general, BMW wiper blades range in price from around $20 to $60 per set.

The best way to determine the cost of BMW wiper blades is to contact your local BMW dealership. They will be able to provide you with accurate pricing information for your specific make and model. If you do not have a local dealership available, online retailers such as Amazon often have competitive prices for BMW wiper blades.

How to change BMW wiper blades?

Here’s a quick guide on how to change BMW wiper blades.

First, you’ll need to lift the arm of the wiper blade. There is usually a tab that you can press to do this. Once the arm is lifted, the wiper blade should come off easily.

Next, take the new wiper blade and line it up with the wiper arm. Make sure the blade is in the correct position before pressing it down. Once the blade is in place, lower the wiper arm back down.

That’s it! You’ve now successfully changed your BMW wiper blades. Be sure to do this regularly to ensure optimal visibility while driving in all weather conditions.

How do you fit a BMW wiper blade?

Assuming you have the right size wiper blade for your BMW model, there are just a few steps to follow to get it properly attached.

  1. First, open the hood and locate the wiper arm. You’ll see a small tab at the end of the arm – press this in and hold it while you pull the arm away from the windshield.
  2. Next, take the new wiper blade and line it up with the hook at the end of the wiper arm. Press the blade onto the hook until it clicks into place.
  3. Finally, lower the wiper arm back down onto the windshield, making sure that it’s properly seated.

You’re now ready to hit the road with clear visibility!

Where to buy the genuine BMW wiper blades?

There are a few different places that you can buy genuine BMW wiper blades. You can purchase them online from BMW, or from a few different retailers that sell BMW parts and accessories. You can also find them at some auto parts stores, but you may have to special order them. If you have a local BMW dealership, they should also be able to order them for you.

Which site to buy the Oem BMW wiper blades?

There are many online retailers that sell OEM BMW wiper blades, so it can be difficult to know which one to choose. However, there are a few things you can keep in mind that will help you make the best decision.

First, make sure that the site has a good reputation. Many buyers trust reviews they read online before making a purchase. Second, be sure to compare prices. Not all wiper blade sites have the same prices, so it’s important to find one that offers the best deal. Finally, be sure to read the reviews before buying. Many buyers post feedback about their experience with a particular site, so it’s helpful to know what others thought before making a purchase.


BMW wiper blades are a vital part of your car’s safety system, and it is important to choose the right type for your vehicle. In this article, we will discuss some of the key factors to consider when buying BMW wiper blades, and provide a few tips on how to choose the best ones for your car.

Ultimately, choosing BMW wiper blades should be an easy process that you can do without much fuss. So whether you are just getting your first BMW or have owned one for years, make sure to read our guide and find the right blade for your car.